Michael Gerber and Herschel Bentley discuss Credit Repair the National Credit Federation way

www.nationalcreditfederation.com http www.youtube.com twitter.com Michael Gerber and Herschel Bentley discuss ways that National Credit Federation is able to better help consumers face the big 3 credit bureaus to restore their financial well being. Over the years, E-Myth has helped tens of thousands of small business owner clients to successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations. Michael Gerber is a recognized business and entrepreneurship expert all across the world. He has authored many highly-acclaimed books including the bestselling business classic, “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”. Herschel Bentley is well known throughout the Credit Repair Industry and recognized as an expert. He has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 25 years helping people realize their dreams of home ownership. He is now helping consumers, and credit professionals alike, in achieving their financial goals. You can learn more about Herschel Bentley by visiting: www.NationalCreditFederation.com http *In this video Herschel references a study by the US PIRG: “Mistakes Do Happen: A look at Errors in Consumer Credit Reports” that can be found at their website.
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